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Hello friends and all those that wish to learn more about a natural and healthy way of living.  For too long Momentum 98, the natural health oasis for Columbus Ohio, has been the best kept secret hidden in plain sight of this business centric city.  It’s about time we changed that, because we are a health store and the last thing you want to let go to ruin is your health.  Without your health, you cannot do the job you spend 40 hours a week going to to provide for yourself and your family, you can’t spend your downtime being around the ones you love, and you can’t strive to improve yourself without the energy you need to keep going.

 Without your health, you are nothing but a decaying body, but WITH your health, you are anything and everything you can imagine.

How do you maintain your health?  Well that is a little bit trickier, because everyone’s health is different.  There are some general things that are chocked up to our anatomy, but when it comes to medicines and ailments that only you can feel and experience it becomes your responsibility to figure out what is good and what is bad for your body.  A particular food, or herb or medicine, might work perfectly for someone else for a particular problem, but with you it might be the exact opposite type of treatment that you need and could have long lasting negative effects.  That is why it is so important to know your body and work with it to achieve long lasting health; and from there you can thrive.

Momentum 98 is a store that collects quality products from around the country and catalogs them all into an item list that you can pick through to find exactly what you need.  We have ancient remedies, modern elixirs, and space age technologies that are on the rise, all to accommodate to whatever your body is telling you that you need.  As we gear up to start putting ourselves out in the open on the internet and in the real world, we will be promoting and informing about our health and awareness products here on this health blog.  We can also try our best to answer any health or awareness questions that you have, so please if you have a question feel free to post it in the comments of any article and we will do our best to answer it with as much our knowledge as we can muster.

Keep checking back with us for more articles about health and awareness.

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Quantum Age Stirwands – Taste Test

We recently took the time to give our staff some taste tests to see if they could tell the difference in water that have been treated with aquantum age stirwand.  We took our filtered water that we use in the store and put one blue stir wand in one cup of water for 2 minutes, and then left the other as is.  We found that about 95% of the time the people could pick the treated water.  It has a smoother and more hydrating effect and feel.  We did not actually stir the water as that can make any water more structured simply from the act of stirring it.  If you have the time check out the video below or visit our web page about stirwands.  They have can be used in many ways from replacing laundry detergent to watering your house plants.



Holistic Remedies for the Common Cold

Fall is a time tofree_fall_leaves_shutterstock_61538884_web celebrate the beauty and transiency of Mother Nature.  For some, it can also be a time of fatigue, sore throats, and other dreadful common cold symptoms. In this month’s newsletter, we discussed holistic health tips to cleanse and heal your body during the changing of seasons.

At Momentum 98 we have found three natural remedies that work particularly well for alleviating and healing cold symptoms. While we have lots of wonderful immunity boosting supplements and herbs at our store, our favorites for healing the common cold are oregano oil or capsules, sovereign silver, and spice elixir.

Here’s these products work their magic: 

  • Oregano oil – Add a couple drops of oregano oil to a diffuser or humidifier and inhale or a few minutes or consume orally (most typical) to provide relief for a sore throat. Drinking a few drops in juice or water may also provide relief.
  • Sovereign silver – This high-vibration medicine can eliminate microbial infections such as fungi, viruses, bacteria, and parasites that create cold symptoms and other illnesses.
  • Spice Elixir – This super food energy drink (with chocolate and chai flavoring!) supports healthy cortisol balance, a strong immune system, as well as heart and brain function. Just add a little water and allow your body to heal itself (reduced price for quick sale).

Far Infrared Ray Sauna 

In addition to taking these three products, we recommend sitting in our Far Infrared Ray Sauna or the FIR Table Lamp for 20 minutes to revitalize and cleanse the body. These simple holistic solutions will help you to function at your highest self.

FIR Table Lampcropped-sauna3_darker200logo-copy.jpg

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Have a blessed season!